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Marketing Based Accounting Research

Course Outline:
Introduction (Pert. 1)

Brown. P. 2001. “Capital Markets-Based Research in Accounting: An Introduction

Kothari. S.P. 2001. “Capital Markets Research in Accounting. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 31, p.105-231.

Baruch Lev dan James A. Ohlson (1979).”Market-Based Empirical Research in Accounting: A Review, Interpretation, and Extention
Does Accounting Matter? Relations between Accounting Earnings and Stock Returns (Pert. ke 2)

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Kothari, S. P., and R. Sloan. 1992. "Information in Prices About Future Earnings." Journal of Accounting and Economics 15(2-3): 143-172.
Measuring the Relation between Accounting Earnings and Stock Returns (Pert. ke 3)

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Accounting-Based Valuation: The Residual Income Valuation Model (Pert. ke 4)

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Dechow, P., A. Hutton, and R. Sloan. 1999. “An Empirical Assessment of the Residual Income Valuation Model,” Journal of Accounting and Economics 26:1-34.
Accounting-Based Valuation: Fundamental Analysis (Pert. ke 5)

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Abarbanell, J., and B. Bushee. 1997. “Fundamental Analysis, Future Earnings and Stock Prices.” Journal of Accounting Research 35: 1-24.
Evidence Regarding Efficiency of Stock Prices With Respect to Accounting Information (Pert. ke 6)

Fama, E., and K. French. 1996. "Multifactor Explanations of Asset Pricing Anomalies." Journal of Finance 51(1): 55-84.

Sloan, R. 1996. "Do Stock Prices Fully Reflect Information in Accruals and Cash Flows about Future Earnings?" The Accounting Review 71(3): 289-315.
Strategic Financial Reporting: Analysts' Role as Information Providers (Pert. ke 7)

Abarbanell, J. 1991. "Do Analysts' Earnings Forecasts Incorporate Information in Prior Stock Changes?" Journal of Accounting and Economics 14: 147-165.

Plumlee, M. 2003. "The Effect of Information Complexity on Analysts' Use of that Information." The Accounting Review 78(1): 275-296.
Mid-Term Examination (Pert. ke 8)
Strategic Financial Reporting: Disclosure choices (Pertemuan ke 9)

Healy, P., and K. Palepu. 2001. "Information Asymmetry, Corporate Disclosure, and the Capital Markets: A Review of the Empirical Disclosure Literature." Journal of Accounting and Economics 31: 405-440.

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Strategic Financial Reporting: Disclosure choices, continued (Pert. ke 10)

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Strategic Financial Reporting: Earnings Management (Pert. ke 11)

BACKGROUND READING: Healy, Paul, and James Wahlen. 1999. "A Review of the Earnings Management Literature and its Implications for Standard Setting." Accounting Horizons 13(4): 365-383.

Dechow, P., R. Sloan, and A. Sweeney. 1995. "Detecting Earnings Management." The Accounting Review 70(2): 193-225.
Strategic Financial Reporting: Earnings Management, continued (Pert. ke 12)

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Management Compensation (Pert. ke 13)

Ittner., Lacker, and Rajan. 1997. The Choice of Performance Measures in Annual Bonus Contract. The Accounting Review 72(2): 231-255

Healy, P. 1985. Bonus Scheme. Journal of Accounting Research
Accounting Choice - Positive Accounting Theory (Pert. ke 14)

Watts, R., and J. Zimmerman. 1990. "Positive Accounting Theory: A Ten-Year Perspective." The Accounting Review 65(1): 131-156.

Fields, T., T. Lys, and L. Vincent. 2001. "Empirical Research on Accounting Choice." Journal of Accounting and Economics 31: 255-307.
Methodological Issues and Miscellaneous (Pert. ke 15)

Payne, J., and W. Thomas. 2003. "The Implications of Using Stock-Split Adjusted I/B/E/S Data in Empirical Research." The Accounting Review 78(4): 1049-1068.

Bhojraj, S., C. Lee, and D. Oler. 2002. "What's My Line? A Comparison of Industry Classification Schemes for Capital Market Research." Journal of Accounting Research 41(5): 745-774.
Final Term Examination (Pert. ke 16)

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